download maps 1, 2 to 36 collaborations of sustainability generation
over 50 years fazle abed helped billion asian poorest village mothers design village networking solutions so that next girls and boys born enjoyed a life of love and opportunity mapping brac is difficult becuuse it grew about 30% a year in village livelihood trainers ; it needed to do this to achieve nation building goals like raising bangladesh life expectancy from 25 below world average to average- in abeds 50 years villagers gained literally a generation brac was also selectively the most collaborative organisation so sustainability purposes of all its partners grew in ways beyond numbers what brac grew at more normal rates wete monetary accounts within its own organisation we have chosen to start by mapping the new partnering networks in abed blended through 3rd decade: 1992-2002 was the decade that bridged village solution without electricity grids or wired telephones to imagining how vilagers could choose optimal leapfrog parters now that solar and mobile phones could connect the world's most loving -brac newer webs 4.5 1.3
G3 Village Health Networks3.4 tb tuberculosis
3.5 partners affordable health -frugal , last mile– bottom of pyramid collabs
3.6 reunite epidemiologists + tropical disease + community health leaders- james grant school of public health
3.1 doordash non-prescription medicines
3.2 maternal skill oral rehydration
3.3 continent-scale vaccination

village food production
2.4 brac poultry -first of 14 nation leading enterprises
2.5 brac dairy second of 14 nation lead enterprises>
2.1 village rice production
2.2 village veggie production
2.3 village crafts and rural to earn income from city ...
4.4 brac university
4.6 james grant school of public health
4.1 adult livelihood education
4.2 primary education
4.3 secondarry girls clubs libraries
5.3 bracnet
5.1 100000 person metavillage
5.2 billion women collab.

1 finance to end poverty
1.1 transformation aid model- microfranchiing plus best ever grants solutions
1.2 brac microfinance plus

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Briefing contents Nov 2020


1 Multilateral AI –benchmarks UN Secretary General UN2.0 and Geneva ITU #AIforGOOD includes cases 25+ practice branches of UN

2 Intrapreneur AI – which of world’s largest tech firms branding intrapreneur foundations- eg microsofts 100 million dollar 5 year commitment led by AI for Earth

3 Zoom me up Scotty world leaders summits - road to post-covid world- eg Bloomberg climate summit UNGA75, postponed world economic forum to blended version spring21

4 New Uni and edu systems – top 10 transformed by AI and blended world of sdg generation youth

5 New superstars – design sdg generation’s greatest heroes to twin 20th platforms of fame & AI empowered movements eg sports & lives matter, astronauts & climate entrepeneurs

6 Place Coalitions – eg smart 5g cities infrastructure AI, cop26 league of new economic nations

7 Individual AI wizards and their social action followers

8 Template of open worldwide catalogue of AI FOR HUMANS


A architecture of spefcific AI skills and integration of moores law 2020s exponential tech eg AI blockchain cloud drone edutech fintech Greentech healthtech IQ21 Joy

B to include

Scotland’s Adam Smith scholars at year 260 of watt’s machines and humans; scotlands nation branding in post-Brexit world

Britain’s – bbc studio David Attenborough, leaders Royal Societies led by Royal Geo, Prince Charles Ashden Awards microenergy, British Consul languages young clmate champions

Franciscan Italy – Vatican Un, Club of Rome, Nobel Layreates Peace Summit- 2020 winner value chains of world food program

Transformational women empowerment networks inspired by Glasgow University alumn Sir Fazle Abed , brac and brac uni, Bangladesh

2021= 90th year of Gandhi roundtable reconciliations in Britain


As an open survey, we welcome opportunity to blogs mapping sdg-related leadership platforms such as those gravitated by purpose of global market sectors, exponential metrics,

calendar of world leading assemblies post covid, diversity of adviser councils integrating deep data transparency –

archivist of norman macrae’s genre of entrepreneurial revolution and love each other’s hemispheres at the economist, youth mentor,

co-author 2025 report, co-researcher biography of john von neumann, fan of adam smith and consciousness cultures


vote for best of breed -leaders the world needs- what have we missed from 75th birthdhay of peoples uniting nations?

primary un75 downloads

  • UN future roadmap co-chaired by Ban Ki-Moon, Madeleine Albright, Ibrahim Gambari, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Aya Chebbi, Mary Robinson, and Juan Manuel Santos Honorary Co-Chairs, UN75 Global Governance Forum
  • solutions surveyed by guterres from world leading practitioners in digital financing & digital cooperation

thanks to bloomberg - america knows which mayors and regional officials have any respect worldwide as nature conducts her final examination on whether any peoples are left saving - video on america's pledge

thanks to geographer Jack DangermondFounder and President, ESRI-we know how mapping and auditing cannot be separated in any organisation with impact on our globe

::ER:: Q&A welcome bethesda nr national institute of sickness

No alt text provided for this image

thanks to bloomberg - america knows which mayors and regional officials have any respect worldwide as nature conducts her final examination on whether any peoples are left saving - video on america's pledge

No alt text provided for this image

thanks to matt damon waters have a model for what use is superstardom anyway.. & thanks & JB-grateful dead's EFF for blending freedpm's reality and virtual frontiers

thanks to the double headers of digital panels guterres has assembled over last 3 years on digital cooperation and digital money we know which regions of the world still offer investment solutions valuing our childrens lives and where is your places last chance to join a coalition that can change everything that went wrong ...- thanks to itu we have example of humanising machine intel to almost any sustainability goal you choose

thanks to philips ceo you have a maturity profile of purposeful leadership which shows which ceos have leadership reality and which are dismal greenwashers

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