before we started drowning in today's fake media, by 1945 we were drowning in fake history and genomics- in a certain sense the un was born to resolve this before extinction became inevitable

following einstein and chaos theory - we define system as anything that could compound extinction of human beings if professionals draw wrong borders around it- eg einstein proved man's science is always approximation constrained by how micro mans measurememts are - in other words eistein expected something as small as covid would pose extinction challenges- so 2021's biggest question seems to be what was the global management structure governing researchers who linked by worldwide virus creation

dedication to associate mappers 90% of world trade is shipped- hence understanding bay area vital to livelihoods- counter examples also may offer clues to sdg generation

..2020 out of virus darkness, the free uni of humanising AI arises -thanks to UN Geneva...Europe Bay1 med sea fractured 1500 as North Sea nations raced to rule the waves..Asia Bay 2 happiest since 1962?..California bay- brain drain's tech epicentre first 4 decades moores law..Africa -a continent to 2020 excluded from bay for the peoples..

Friday, May 1, 2020

america's crisis

since the moon race decade, moores law can be interpreted as saying engineering can improve 100 fold whats humanly possible each decade
think of 70s and 80s which changed the world from almost no member of public doing computer networking webs to everyone needing to get online
thing of 90s and 00s as how universal connectivity moved to using a smarth phone with a gps identification and in the process made 2010s the first big data cloud decade

ask why some countries for self driving cars would be biggest advance humans wanted in 2020s while others were ready to trace viruses or in other ways to mobilise life critical last mile apps

because washington politicians dont do engineering america ends up with the wrong end of both sticks- republicans say investment in community is inefficient, democrats dont exexecute promises they aspire to

in a pre-virus world bloomberg made quite an interesting list of societal improvements that need engineering improvements

of course the virus now dominates all these concerns but a smarter way to look at things maybe how can leesons from the virus be applicable to each challenge where relevant

this wont happen unless dc politicians look at what they dont know how to do and either quit or retain themselves

please note you dont have to agree with this whole list to do this exercise on community capacities you do want improved

we believe that if americans demand their politicians go learn from supercities that either beat the virus early eg seoul in korea or recover well, they should not only study the resiliency of communities to virus but to any of the above list their voters need

if politicians go back to their average way of behaving in the 21st c then usa is going to destroys our childrens opportunies faster than any other so-called developed nation

Agriculture 1.1 Borlaug norwgian American local food abundance naturally 
All-In Economy  2.2 steve case America on line 1.0 and 5.0  2.3 schwab r4 across5 capitals
Climate Change & Clean Energy 4.1 ban ki-moon Korean amerian global climate
Criminal Justice Reform
Drug Prices
Health Coverage 15.1 paul farmer & boston partners in health
Public Health Preparedness  nightingale 29.1 brit founded nursing in Ukraine war 29.2 brilliant Detroit lad ended smallpox in asia, first led

Wildfire Resilience 39.1 attenborough bbc 7 worlds one planet

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