dc2021.com - never in history of nations has a new year and a city's love of all lives mattered as much as washington dc 2021- -how can students help unite the world 7.5 billion ordinary people want post-covid

all happy questions and answers will be displayed- tell us whether you want a contact named or anon
love to all

dedication to associate mappers -economistyouth.com economistsports.net economisthealth.com economistfuture.com economistrefugee.com 90% of world trade is shipped- hence understanding bay area vital to livelihoods- counter examples also may offer clues to sdg generation
Europe Bay1 med sea fractured 1500 as North Sea nations raced to rule the waves..Asia Bay 2 happiest since 1962?..California bay- brain drain's tech epicentre first 4 decades moores law..Africa -a continent to 2020 excluded from bay for the peoples..


map world: greatest risk= gaps between rich & poor nations
Economist's norman macrae foundation
osun.app what if man-machine sustainability= loving each others nations children
sorosuni.com join alumni of money marketers who loved to see societies thrive round planet earth
Economist's norman macrae foundation
microcollege hub gravitating soros first 20 partners OSUNiversity
2020s 27th & last decade to prevent extinction
Economist's norman macrae foundation
i would be delighted to be told i have misunderstood - the ABCDEF of how new york will get back to at least 80% of its human interactions without a cure maps like ... - very happy to help we the peoples - particularly teachers and students - co-edit tour maps -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk EconomistDiary.com -will oxford win the coalition race to the cure.. will jim kim provide a model for opening up boston if not new york.. should any washington dc politician or party be elected exist in the future if they have not toured south korea leader of the sustainability sdg generation's supercityuni.com? what was the reason why the queens english is valued the world over if florence is not celebrated more than donald duck wherever schools open again................
Status is online
OSUN.app Open Society UNI partners eg 50 year end poverty learning curve of fazleabed.com globes largest ngo coalition

please let me define context

1 gov cuomo is the only public servant i can bear listening to but he is focused on people

2 the supercity definition that concerns me was presented by ted leonsis owner of the capitals/wizards/mystics around 2016 at 1776 hub in dc- he explained it emerged from his 25 years of knowing steve case and jeff bezos whom ted had met while ceo for aol while bezos was looking to fund a startup-any errors in reporting are mine alone- supercities ae designed so 20 million plus peoples livelihoods interact - in the world league of engineering supercities only new york and suburbs qualify- for example supercities depend on a metro line running 24/7 across all the densely populated region-anyone who thinks you can do 6 foot distancing on a metro line serving 20 million people lives on another planet

of course supercities also have huge ports- 90% of world trade is shipped- and massive airport hubs to the rest of humanity- they are culturally as diverse as the world istel if they are to innovate fashions that rock the world

and so when you look at how the two thirds of humans who are asian have developed since world war 2 escaping the era of colonial empires they were led by engineers inspired by borlaug and in the case of the smartest asian supercities they developed big data apps around safety some of which have helped places like seoul rise to being todays number 1 city economy in the virus impacted world...............
supercity=space where 25 million people are dependent on each other's progress, ever more so as the exponential challenges of the sdgs connect all our children - as is the nation in terms of the city playing a role no other city can as are international partners who design win-win trades-
supercity mainly invented by asian alumni of deming after world war 2 accelerating in smart design through each 100 fold increase in analytical capability promised by alumni of gordon moore-
tokyo (see smithian notes since 1962 economistjapan.com) seoul being first 2 examples as were nation superports like hong kong and singapore (the superport is smaller constrained by space and at least originally not co-responsible for a huge continental landspace-unfortunately the west does not have many supercity models - contenders like new york and london have lost urgent opportunities to benchmark smart was to respond to threats like today's virus as well as understanding that all supercities face the same AI challenges - eg transforming to green =lets hope the 6 western g7 leaders come to their senses - with the virus there was so much to learn with all asian supercities
Economistmaps.com 2020=178th year of mapping/mediating end poverty brandscot.net thanks James Wilson Adam Smith James Watt
Unacknowledged : the greatest economic miracle of the 1970s -and arguably of species sustainability occurred when quarter a billion girls in village china and bangladesh helped each other lift up half the sky building barefoot female medics networks, resilient communities and village food security applying the green revolution's crop science to rice and veggies - how else have the rise of humanity's happiest movements been built? eg 50 years fazle abed built sdg world's leading NGO economy or 50 years took J Ma to build happiest ecommerce platform-western dedication


By 1945 USA had saved the (old) world (3 subcontinents (Asia, Africa, Europe) in one land mass together with 270 dgeree arc of islands from UK to Japan) from wars and trading monopolies ruled by mainly 8 empires:
2 islands UK and Japan
2 continental roofs : Canada and Russia
3 West Euro Empires : France Italy & Germany.- the dollar economy replaced the pound economy. How might an economy uniting nations be integrated from mother earth's diversity?

A teenager Fazle Abed went from the region east of Kolkata (ie far east of british raj) to complete a 200th year review of futures of markets and engines started at Glasgow Uni 1760 by Adam Smith and James Watt. In nov 2020 cop26 glasgow offers 260th exponential update of the futures of hi-trust markets and hi-tech. While Sir Fazle's death december 2019 menas he will not be at cop26, his legacy brac university triangularises: south asia (Bangladesh), East Euro (vienna) N. America (Bard College NY state) OSUN- a coalition of universities inviting all graduates to become the sgd generation. OSUN represents a cumulative invetsment of 34 billion dollars in youth by george soros, who awarded Fazle Abed the 20th Open Society Laureate in 2013 and whose other guides to the 2/3 people who are Asian include Jim Kim.

The 20 something Fazle Abed spent the 1960s studying economics from the viewpoint of royal dutch shell before spending the rest of his life 50 years on womens villager economics -in the 1970s the focus of bangladesh and chienese vilage women was community health (eg china's barefoot doctors, UNICEF's James Grant support of brac , and Borlaug inspired rice science- once 100000 village mothers had started microfranchise businesses in bangladesh brac also designed financial services economics around their needs. Girls rural keynesianism emerged as one of the 4 great transformational possibilities for the human race's post industrial revolution to an age where thing consumption becomes a minor economy to that of how action learning multiplies value through networks racing to build every community as a thriving space for the next child to be born in. The other 3 transformational opporunities for humanity:
deming quality engineering infastructures and microelectoronics which japan became epicentre of
von neumanns digital computing which started on US east coast with von neumann's legacy passed on to yale and MIT, moved to west coast round moores law, and then to the far east initially in the quality manufacturing (while software remain coded in the 26 character english alphabet before being adapted to 4000 character based oriental minds
-satellite and space races actually started by Russia but which kennedy turned 1960s into the greatest goal 10000 american youth have ever been valued to network round - land on moon.

If the world had issued future of livelihood mapping at the same time as satellites beamed down pictires of mother earth - these pictures needed to be integrate into the 0G 1970s before racing throu 1G oding decade 2G value chain ecommerce, 3G mobule connectivity decade, 4G big gps data local conequence decade and now 2020s humans AI-5g_Iot convergence with siustainabiulity goals

worldrecordjobs asks : Can you help id 51 people most concerned with economics (lining education, climate, health , true and happy media, peace and safety) for 8 billion people wherever this is different from economics for big corporations n0r big government:
Sir Fazle Abed passed 2019 - alumni association Brac University &
Ban-Ki moon action network gca.org vienna
Jack Ma action networks olympics 20 tokyo 22 beijing ...
Soros CE Uni vienna
Attenborough ask for BBC studio

Pomy Ma & Yidan
Larry Brilliant
Jim Kim
Jin & Jin
Jerry Yang
Schwarzman- Scholars
Masa Son
Li Ka-Shing
Chen Jinine
Gordon Brown
Reeta Roy
Emperor Reiwa

welcome to 5G 2020- our main economics cooperation project UniversityofStars.com- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk


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.............thanks to OSUN.app college networks where youthfind their place inthe world for Breaking news impeach+1 who should black america -and every mother and father who rejects big brother fear movements - vote for ? help link these and 20 alternative economist maps of
7 worlds at www.economistmaps.com : economistblack.com (start with JJ at wall street march10 unite colleges of societal justice the way thurgood marshall black girls communities mapped from 1880s) economisgreen.com economistjapan.com economistuniversity.com - for cluetrain updated to 5G 2020s how to linkin 20 sdg economists
Justice links
Affordable Nurse Training 1 brac 2 pih rwanda
Solar links
EconomistUnivesrity links
EconomisLearning links
World to 1500
Economist Japan links
Economist Asia links
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50 largest
Ecom platform


50 largest ngo-sdg economy


W: 60 2 biggest empire give back

E:60: 2 biggest empire give back

120 years trans law Gandhi yale

260 years Glasgow U future eng markets

next step glasgow- adam smith and cop26 http://www.gca.org scholar networks- am i correct team VC will phone ban ki moon to see if he will introduce gordon brown to vincent- thats the high road to glasgow brac u partnerships otherwise i can continue on low road

2 regarding vienna-india - our friend lives in vienna but consults to founder of Tata group on india's sdg impacts is now close to a lot of possibilities: arts he has contacted vienna boys choir and one of his professional friends is an austrian architect for people who own castles- so if one of brac u movements is going to live up to sir fazle final plea that the poor should experience cultures best - vienna can be pivotal as epicentre of bna ki-moon of soros university and or art and architectural value multipliers

3 regarding boston and tokyo - if boston is on your diary in next 8 weeks i would like to know when- i can definitely linkin ezra vogel and so people who understand why japan emperor like my fathers lifelong work at The Economist in time to connect with whio's sdg what at the olympics including ban ki moons responsibilities there and tokyo mayors handover to beijing mayor chen jining; boston through tufts connects with reeta roy one of brac international top 10 sponsors,mit is where the experts of bKash | It's that simple - boston is also the other route to jim kim (Brigham womens hospital Home 2020 )

hub through and its where beijing and mit will get youth to humanise ai

4 regarding beijing- thats the other diary space that is critical- if ever bangladesh is going to be included on world trade infrastructure routes aiib and ccg and tsinghua need connecting now imo -president jin of aiib loves literature like vincent does- his daughter at the lse is the only economist in britain i fully trust- aiib's annual summit is in miami this summer - one attempt to put the chinese cat among donald's pigeons- because of britains 4 years in brexit wilderness the only british leaders of finance who understand china now are david alexander number 2 person at aiib and his researcher back in ,london lord stern who used to be gordon brown chief civil servant researcher

5 regarding dhaka

6 regarding value chain garments -he has been local village translator for almost every meeting i have had in bangladesh starting with yunus 69th birthday in 2009 party that i convened and invited the then head of brac bank and head of corporate branding to as well as the bbc's main nature corespondent and dfis local head of education- he understands some local parts of the 7 global jigsaws that brac has become but the fact that jack ma's main female researcher ying lowrey cancelled the trip was arranging for her november 2018 at less than 7 days notice shows that insider circles in brac are complex and dont necessarily include young researchers

7 regarding hong kong -brac university needs to be yidan's main partner not playshool - at least from the viewpoint of hong kong getting back its moto uniting youthech around the world
8 regarding nordica (MT networks) kenya (AC networks)

9 regarding wef- 21 Jan does some in vincent team monitor this - it has 300 youth hubs to linkin to- sadly yunus uses it as hios playground so a main reason why most world economists dont know sir fazle is 23 years of entrepreneur networking the clintons have exclusively done for and with yunus at spaces like schwab and sdg forum and all the sdg17 partnerships that yunus cfreed ted turners billion dollar un foundation connected and celebrated yunus as womens banker for- all of which is more grenwash than green-reality

10 regarding james grant school - friends at unicef hq in ny send their regards

thanks chris macrae +1 240 316 8157 linkedin unwomens

extra footnote chen jining
Jul 1, 2019 - 167 See page 229 for what it takes to be a true Manchu. ... Interview with President Chen Jining of Tsinghua University I'll paraphrase ... He now teaches economics at Tsinghua and directs the Schwarzman Scholars program.
Mar 25, 2018 - ... Figureoutable,-- What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence,-- ... Beijing mayor Chen Jining waves the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony. ... Diego Schwartzman of Argentina celebrates after winning his final ...

75 years #1 NE coastal belt; boston yale ny ..dc new

75 years NE coastal belt old

2010s informal
members of supercityuni.com
***Glasgow U 260
***Brac U Dhaka 19
** Singapore NUS about 25 and AI
*Vienna bk-m 5 soros 20 transfer from budapest
**Tsingua 100 roosevelt, 42 deng, 5 schwarman **** once MIT and Oxford triple play with Tsinghua
**Hangzhou colege system 45 intitally english language hub now un sdg training with 30 countries tech-youth
joburg **mandela new uni 1999-2015
*ghana new uni 12
*rwanda medical uni twinned with haiti and brigham womens
*tokyo U relaunch aat olympics 2020
*Jeju green big bang U 3

Jack surprised the world announcing 2017 he'd return to teaching for his third 20 years of jobs creation. Jack Ma scholars first year 2019-2020 would transform the next 5 olympics hosts as supercity of sdg goals and job creating #DigitalCooperation
rising brac university & bkash with J Ma Gates MIT-Bangla Diaspora: Quadir family
Ban-ki moon as last global visitor to sir fazle abed asks brac u to survey all new universities that want to help 2019-2020 as first global climate adaptability year as well first year of MAolympics supported by 15 bn $ of AI DAMO scholars and Unctad partnership in alibaba U allied to UNGA 75'th year's focus on Africa following valuing women at its 74th


Jack had just about used up all his trust among under 30s as he converted from english teacher to internet start up-until he met taiwanes american jerry yang of yahoo- who intro'd him to Japan's Masa Son of Softbank- the greatest sino-japanese win-win since deng visited japan in 1978

rising brac international from bangladesh to 14 countries, worldwide remittances, nations leading enterprises owned in trust of empowering women


in 1995 jack traveled to usa for first time- fortunately he's been asked to do some trade in seattle- their he saw the launch of ecommerce by amazon-how could china turn that into youth's greatest job creating platform

celebrated world's healthiest partnerships with soroa and jim kim that


The young man who was turned down by every employee as too small to manage anything important was finally awarded english tecahing/translation work at local uni

First million women business owners ask brac to build largest non gov schools system - over 50000 primary & later non-primary


11 year old jack ma lived in China's first global holiday resort Hangzhou. Bored by school classrooms his geography teacher assigned him project: go ask tourists to map what world beyond china looks like.. Jack started 20 yeras of training thousnads of his peers to speak english and be toursit guides.
Bangladesh and China raced to plant first 250000 womens village microfranchises: health service/food security and community resilient microfinancial services. Unicef's James Grant was the greatest sponsor- he is remembered by scholars of James Grant School of Public Health


jfk commit 10000 yoing brains to moon race to catch up with satellite age- korolev


see von neumann bio - 10 years creates computer age- deming new engineering age ny becomes hub of UN satrted out of san fran

can you help friends of The Economist & unacknowledgedgiant.com search for educational purpose around MOOC values and net generation capabilities:
Massive, Open, Online/Offline, Community-grounded/Collaborative/Course and goodwill investor/banking models that exponentially sustain millennials and professional leaders whose faith/trust celebrates ending poverty
How could this blog's ID be celebrated?
up to 2012 our ID building social business (celebrating 20000 alumni of journals, JobsComps, dvds and books of Muhammad Yunus): celebrated how Bangladeshi Muslims and village mothers had prepared the way since 1972 - inviting worldwide millennials to celebrate wmen4empowerment to end poverty- since 2013 POP celebrations with Koreans, global social health networkers and Franciscans have explained how MarySearch invites all women and hopefully most millennial men to sustain the human race's new millennium. Can educators of every culture (eg gandhi, mandela, King -you tell us) help 4 hemispheres and 2 genders of us all to see that 2030now's twin goals of end poverty and map sustainability are natural win-wins?

Monday, December 19, 2011

we are updating citizen connections with yunus mainly at http://yunuscity.ning.com - here is our index t0 25 currently most interactive regions - of course we welcome links if your region is active too

Atlanta. Paris Turkey Dhaka Austria
Boston Brussels Poland China Switzerland
Princeton-NY London-Glasgow Nordica: S D N Japan Canada
Austin Spain Kenya Brazil 24
Oregon/CA Germany S.Africa India 25

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Iceland Flows - Does public broadcasting have a SB future? 0 Verified
06:08 Jan 07, 2011
The BBC as world's most resourced world service owned by the peoples is a jewel in the crown. If it wasnt censored by gov - it could be full of news on...
reykjavik, iceland

MicroGirl and Sun's rising from down under 0 Verified
05:05 Jan 06, 2011
Gdday FolkCan I introduce you to Zoe of www.10thousandgirl.com -my newest reason for believing australia can be a leading connector of what dr yunus calls...
79 Morrissett Street, Bathurst, New South Wales, 2795, Australia

CategoriesSB Microcredits
Do you know the 3 favourite banks worldwide 1 Verified
04:56 Jan 05, 2011
Unless you wish to correct me (excellent if you can), these are the 3 world favourite banks. We offer a youthfully curious diagnosis of their value multipliers...
75 Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212, bangladesh

Categoriescollaboration hubs and sb knowhow centres other
Interconnectedness 1: Developed nations only win by helping developing nations; nordica's 18 year lesson of netgen 0 Verified
11:57 Jan 04, 2011
Nordica's contributions to increasing productivity of poorest around the world include Swedish born Ingrid Munro founded Africa's leading microcredit...
Fridtjof Nansens plass Oslo 0160 , norway

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB
Results: first 3 microsummits to save usa and world 0 Verified
10:12 Jan 04, 2011
Results is 30 years young in 2011. Its citizens have net-worked tirelessly to be the bridge of common sense (social action hubs of hi-trust wishes such...
75 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

Paris Wins ER Future Capital of 2010 0 Verified
03:56 Jan 04, 2011
Why did Paris win the Future Capital Race of 2010? Hosted 3 Entrepreneuruial Revolution summits maximising empowerment of youth webs in year (2010) including...
rue de elysee paris france

CategoriesGlobal SB Partners
Grameen Intel - Call for MicroTechSummit 0 Verified
12:54 Jan 02, 2011
Two simple ideas can help the net generation make 2010s the most exciting decade. Celebrate those organisations with world leading technologies that help...
2200 mission college blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054-1549

microenergycredits.com - change 8 billion dollars a year spent by poorest on dirty energy 0 Verified
08:05 Jan 02, 2011
Founder of microenegerycredits.com , April Allderdice , started work on clean energy markets being pionered by Grameen
1752 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107 USA

The Green Children, and Extraordnary LA Youth nets for SB 0 Verified
05:55 Jan 02, 2011
TheGreenChildren are the number 1 social business pop group. Based in LA, this Brit & Swedish duo trained by Paul McArtney's college in Liverpool have...
GreenChildren (inexact address), los angeles ca 90102

CategoriesGlobal SB Partners
BASF Grameen -partnering worlds largest chemical co 0 Verified
04:27 Jan 02, 2011
This global social business partnership of Grameen is with the world's largest chemical company - BASF in Germany. Focus is microhealth - see also US...
BASF, Carl-Bosch-Strasse 38 , 67056 Ludwigshafen. germany

CategoriesGlobal SB Partners
DanoneCommunities.com - future of mass media : far more sustainable for branding than the ad spot 0 Verified
15:28 Jan 01, 2011
DanoneCommmunities.com is the most exciting big brand media I have encountered in 34 years of statistical research for and on the world's brand leaders...
France, 17, boulevard Haussmann, 75009, paris

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The Hunger Project - one of the greatest innovations in american giving 0 Verified
13:56 Jan 01, 2011
THP - this is one of those networks which may have had far more knock on impact than it will ever be able to measure through its own services alone more...
The Hunger Project, 5 Union Square West, New York, NY 10003

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Summit is economics purpose to free people- annual presidents' entrepreneurship summit 0 Verified
03:05 Jan 01, 2011
http://www.state.gov/entrepreneurshipsummit/140878.htm here is the inaugural speech by president obama on the purpose of this 60 country summit asking...
DC, USA, Ronald Reagan World Trade Center, 1300 pennsylvania avenue, 20004

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Hub DC 0 Verified
23:10 Dec 31, 2010
HUB DC is emerging as it connects with 6000 memebers and 30 capitals of http://www.the-hub.net - founded worldwide by jonathan robinson an associate of...
406 Elm St NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20001

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Microloanfoundation USA office 0 Verified
22:16 Dec 31, 2010
Microloanfoundation specialises in the social business governed system of microcredit in Africa applied to extreme rural situations. The challenge here...
North Easton, MA 02356, usa

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Journal of Social Business, Editorial Centre 3 Verified
22:04 Dec 30, 2010
JOSB Chief Editor, Zasheem Ahmed, Centre of Development Scotland Issue 1 sampled to search for 3000 leaders who want to partner in net generation's most...
Glasgow, Scotland, 32 university avenue

Grameen Healthcare US Partner Searches 0 Verified
21:48 Dec 30, 2010
Vidar Jorgenssen founder of Grameen America has many responsibilities connecting Yunus in USA and Americas - most particularly in healthcare -see this...
500 West Cummings Park, Suite 5400. Woburn, MA

medicinemondiale.org 0 Verified
21:24 Dec 30, 2010
Newly knighted in the queens honors list for 2011 Ray Avery's extraordinary story is previewed at this youtube and his extraordinary innovations for ifant...
17 matipo street, Mt Eden, auckland, 1030, new zealand

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The Economist : Unacknowledged Giant 0 Verified
15:32 Dec 30, 2010
PodBio of Norman Macrae 40 years of work out of The Economist Norman's Firsts as a journalist include: *1984 discovering the internet *1962 Consider...
25 st james street, london, sw1

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SingforHope.org Monica Yunus 0 Verified
15:10 Dec 30, 2010
One of best news of the decade for New York is the emergence of Artists Peace Corps SingforHope.org It provides superstars the chance to endorse community-up...
New York, USA, 10012

\Categoriescollaboration hubs and sb knowhow centres
Grameen Tech Lab, Kyushu Uni, Fukuoka 0 Verified
14:58 Dec 30, 2010
Link to Grameen Tech Lab Projects Activities of Kyushu University to promote Social Business Kyushu University has signed MOU with Grameen Communications,...
6-10-1 Hakozaki Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB
YunusCentre.org home of 10 times more economical community services ending poverty 0 Verified
14:11 Dec 30, 2010
www.yunuscentre.org was born on Yunus' 69th birthday celebrated by this BBC report http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8130130.stm Yunus spent...
Yunus Centre, Grameen Bank , dhaka, bangladesh, 1216

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB
Journal of Social Business, grameen.tv : worldcitizen.tv sb funds circle and networking bureau 0 Verified
13:33 Dec 30, 2010
Breaking News Year SB Loans of Macrae Family & WorldCitizen.tv Yunus Journal of SB & Glasgow as one of top 5 Yunus Collaboration Capitals The-Hub support...
bethesda, md, usa , 20852

Categoriescollaboration hubs and sb knowhow centres
Johannesburg the-hub.net 0 Verified
21:46 Dec 29, 2010
The Joburg hub offers the world's investors in change and joy of economics the most exciting leadership quests around Africa. This responsibility began...
Johannesburg, South Africa, 171 President Street

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Jamii Bora 0 Verified
21:21 Dec 29, 2010
Jamii Bora - a world class microcredit social business out of kenya http://www.jamiibora.org It is the recipient of the largest social business loan...
nairobi, kenya, Kayahwe Road, PO Box 2704, 00202

Hello Ushahidi! hello worldwide kenya 0 Verified