before we started drowning in today's fake media, by 1945 we were drowning in fake history and genomics- in a certain sense the un was born to resolve this before extinction became inevitable

following einstein and chaos theory - we define system as anything that could compound extinction of human beings if professionals draw wrong borders around it- eg einstein proved man's science is always approximation constrained by how micro mans measurememts are - in other words eistein expected something as small as covid would pose extinction challenges- so 2021's biggest question seems to be what was the global management structure governing researchers who linked by worldwide virus creation

dedication to associate mappers 90% of world trade is shipped- hence understanding bay area vital to livelihoods- counter examples also may offer clues to sdg generation

..2020 out of virus darkness, the free uni of humanising AI arises -thanks to UN Geneva...Europe Bay1 med sea fractured 1500 as North Sea nations raced to rule the waves..Asia Bay 2 happiest since 1962?..California bay- brain drain's tech epicentre first 4 decades moores law..Africa -a continent to 2020 excluded from bay for the peoples..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

comtoniued from 20 april 2010

there is a lot on peter drucker studying what french meant by entrepreneurship if you look; of course druckers system maps on knowledge worker are pivotal as they provide pathways to 50 times more productive knowledge working but only if tech is used to help humans crete jobs

my twice great grand-dad's main innovation was to negotiate small sustainbility gifts from those owning land so that rural scots families could emigrate to usa and start lives of entrepreneurship over there

will aim to tell story of job camps (ancient and modern) to glasgow caledonin yunus centre at 2 meetings may 5 nd 9; also in the isle of aran is my aunt who got an OBE for community building; arran is the kind of plce wher a 5000 pound start up fund might do a jamii bora for all the unemployed youth including those from the mainlnd which the ayr council now ships in to some sort of borstl it has built

of course most famously in 1843 another scot came down from hawick ; became an MP determined to boot out 90% of maps sponsored by landlords; founded The Economist with the wish that it be closed down once 2 system transformations had been achieved - repeal of the corn laws (which were achieved but not before irelanss's potato famine- a story mary robinson told at 2003 Glbal Reconciliation Netork meeting in London, at which I became its london branch newsleter editor - and start of 150 years of troubles between ireland and england); and repeal of capital pubnishment - it was james view that it was not civilised to kill off those youth who in big city slums resorting to crime - he would have loved jamii bora

also poor james took on economics reform of the English in india; 10 months into this project in calcutta he died prematurely - what would have saved him was knowledge of oral rehydration ( the cure for infnt diarrhea that scaled BRAC from disaster relief privatisation agency to regeneration privitisation agency )

on may 9: 2 hour meeting with world's 2nd social business professor - his remit is to show how microcredit and health in the community connect in galsgow and bangladesh; the expectations yunus has written up in book (as you can see ) are immense

on may 5 I will talk to the fundraising arm of glasgow caledonian to see if sir tom hunter still has money to sponsor job camps ; to see if Iceland's mgnus magnusson daughter at BBC radio is going to be an activist of book 2

during weekend there is also possibility to meet my (what do you call an uncle once removed) - he was a misisonary in africa all his life; its interesting to meet him as his son callum is a bbc war reporter and very social in north london; he tends to host monthly dinners of extremely socal activists; his wife works for channel 4 or 5

as often there are many relations to be bulit before and after ; will try to tell yunus sb professor the stories of modjtaba and paul komesaroff and ganesh (who yunus met in bomby in march -probably the greatest gandhian activist of end poverty mobilising rights of nomads)- in 2004 I open sourced the system exponentials white paper to 500 gandhians in delhi at the conference co-hosted by these three on the coming wars between goodwill and badwil networks;