before we started drowning in today's fake media, by 1945 we were drowning in fake history and genomics- in a certain sense the un was born to resolve this before extinction became inevitable

following einstein and chaos theory - we define system as anything that could compound extinction of human beings if professionals draw wrong borders around it- eg einstein proved man's science is always approximation constrained by how micro mans measurememts are - in other words eistein expected something as small as covid would pose extinction challenges- so 2021's biggest question seems to be what was the global management structure governing researchers who linked by worldwide virus creation

dedication to associate mappers 90% of world trade is shipped- hence understanding bay area vital to livelihoods- counter examples also may offer clues to sdg generation

..2020 out of virus darkness, the free uni of humanising AI arises -thanks to UN Geneva...Europe Bay1 med sea fractured 1500 as North Sea nations raced to rule the waves..Asia Bay 2 happiest since 1962?..California bay- brain drain's tech epicentre first 4 decades moores law..Africa -a continent to 2020 excluded from bay for the peoples..

Saturday, January 30, 2021


1945- how would you add to this summary of exponential opportunities and threats the rich north west has mediated

1945-1964 -the first 45 years of 20th century had been dominated by wars so this middle of 20th century was time to take stock of innovations; by 1960 the western world's new stuff was at least 10 times more valuable to spend life working on than all previous history; and it is arguable that looking forward 1960-2020 was going to multiply 100 times more new stuff for youth to action network -if and only if this could be shared the world over as up to 200 free nations emerged beyond the global affairs of 1939

i see 1945-1964 (including my first 13 years on this planet) as the most golden 20 years of america sharing extraordinary post-industrial innovations; i must admit my biasses ;my father served as teen in allied bomber command over moderday myanmar; so i wouldnt exist without americans contributions to first 50 years of the 20th century- USA ended 2 world wars whose root causes were how the 5 biggest euro empires germany france uk russia italy designed empire trade from the start of discovering new world late 1400s; all of the badwill proceSses - eg slavemaking, ships of war became even more of a threat or a transformation opportunity for humans with age of machines and humans stated in 1760s by galgow uni smith an watt; i believe that smith would have priorised 3 extraordinary new peace-making innovation networks which accelerated world post-industrial impacts from 1950s onwards

  1. hungarian american von neumann- the father of computers ,of jfks space and satellite races, of twin artificial intel labs - atlantic facing out of boston mit, pacific facing out of stanford, as well as attempting to reconcile whether nuclear energy had any place in the world - to understand my vote for von neumann as world record jobs creator of mid 20th century as well as fei-fei li as gravity of worldrecordjobs of 2020s - please consider reading norman macrae's biography of von neumann - english ebook here- japanese paper version coming out summer 2021-originally intended as part of zoomuni book clubs at time of japan olympics
  2. deming without whose new engineering japan and so all asian economies would not have risen the ways they did
  3. borlaug without who's village agriculture innovations a billion people lack of food safety , mainly asian, would have starved - green1's big ecological concern of the 3rd quarter of 20th century turned into green2.0 concern- as soon as we knew we were designing a world accelerating through 5 to 10 billion people we needed to vale going beyond carbon- this is simply exponential maths- and explains why the worlds biggest mathematical mistakes orbit round market sector global leaders who get trilliondollaraudits wrong