download maps 1, 2 to 36 collaborations of sustainability generation
over 50 years fazle abed helped billion asian poorest village mothers design village networking solutions so that next girls and boys born enjoyed a life of love and opportunity mapping brac is difficult becuuse it grew about 30% a year in village livelihood trainers ; it needed to do this to achieve nation building goals like raising bangladesh life expectancy from 25 below world average to average- in abeds 50 years villagers gained literally a generation brac was also selectively the most collaborative organisation so sustainability purposes of all its partners grew in ways beyond numbers what brac grew at more normal rates wete monetary accounts within its own organisation we have chosen to start by mapping the new partnering networks in abed blended through 3rd decade: 1992-2002 was the decade that bridged village solution without electricity grids or wired telephones to imagining how vilagers could choose optimal leapfrog parters now that solar and mobile phones could connect the world's most loving -brac newer webs 4.5 1.3
G3 Village Health Networks3.4 tb tuberculosis
3.5 partners affordable health -frugal , last mile– bottom of pyramid collabs
3.6 reunite epidemiologists + tropical disease + community health leaders- james grant school of public health
3.1 doordash non-prescription medicines
3.2 maternal skill oral rehydration
3.3 continent-scale vaccination

village food production
2.4 brac poultry -first of 14 nation leading enterprises
2.5 brac dairy second of 14 nation lead enterprises>
2.1 village rice production
2.2 village veggie production
2.3 village crafts and rural to earn income from city ...
4.4 brac university
4.6 james grant school of public health
4.1 adult livelihood education
4.2 primary education
4.3 secondarry girls clubs libraries
5.3 bracnet
5.1 100000 person metavillage
5.2 billion women collab.

1 finance to end poverty
1.1 transformation aid model- microfranchiing plus best ever grants solutions
1.2 brac microfinance plus

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

 dear dr alfadala -may i summarise my interests and then discuss if i can help you with a link or two- 37 years ago i co-authored book with dad who had worked at the economist for 40 years trying to connect positive relationships east-west and as tech changed- our book started the genre of sustainability will depend most of all on how courageously teachers embrace digital as well as deep community engagement- what we did not advocate was 36 years of western education unions blocking digital and then being forced by a virus to be all online; in terms of girl empowerment across asia only the last 12 years of my diaries may offer clues; in 2008 i started traveling from washington dc twice a year to listen to fazle abed, brac who became wise first laureate; i have been to 3 real wises in qatar, beijing, madrid, and hi-level unga 2019 event hosted by qatar foundation ; unfortunately education from early to college gets siloised in exactly opposite ways to lifelong women empowerment flows- i havent yet found if anyone in wise champions all of changes sir fazle partners in education do; more specifically i am sad that politics disrupted educationaboveall as the un partner on refugee education- it seems most un partners are connecting around dubai rewired dec 2021 expo and educationcannotwait and the scottish theirworld; i have one link to rewired summit organisers if useful to share with you; wise china was far the most exciting on edutech- i dont speak chinese so failed to follow up much- yuxuan chen who was a wise intern before rhodes scholarship and now youth poverty ambassador for beijing in singapore would be best reconnection for you;  both yuxuan and spain were fascinating in educating dual language youth as leaders of sdg connections; i have maintaned great connections in that regard thanks to wise madrid and they are connected with india montessori movements which are a passion of my family as my grandad knew gandhi for 25 years. only education can connect crosscultural happiness dots- if i may be able to help you find any please say; when it comes to abed he left at least 10 different huge partners networks as his legacy; the lead educator in each is quite hard to find; as well as abed i had many discussions with safiqul islam - he's led the primary school arena of brac which your first wise laureate report focused on with editorials from uk innovation unit; but the legacy abed wanted most help on = coalition of universities one in each country valuing poorest women sharing alumni as well as courses and solutions- this year with my familys home city glasgow hosting cop26 and glasgow u as abeds alma mater its the university coalition project of abed i must put most of my time on- even more reason why i'd prefer to pass on any other links i have- while the courage of teachers to innovate beyond examining youth needs to be huge at every age group; if no university will help redesign the whole lifelong livelihood skills system we wont see youth becoming the sdg generation washington dc -ps if covid goes away are you scheduling real wise qatar this year?

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