download maps 1, 2 to 36 collaborations of sustainability generation
over 50 years fazle abed helped billion asian poorest village mothers design village networking solutions so that next girls and boys born enjoyed a life of love and opportunity mapping brac is difficult becuuse it grew about 30% a year in village livelihood trainers ; it needed to do this to achieve nation building goals like raising bangladesh life expectancy from 25 below world average to average- in abeds 50 years villagers gained literally a generation brac was also selectively the most collaborative organisation so sustainability purposes of all its partners grew in ways beyond numbers what brac grew at more normal rates wete monetary accounts within its own organisation we have chosen to start by mapping the new partnering networks in abed blended through 3rd decade: 1992-2002 was the decade that bridged village solution without electricity grids or wired telephones to imagining how vilagers could choose optimal leapfrog parters now that solar and mobile phones could connect the world's most loving -brac newer webs 4.5 1.3
G3 Village Health Networks3.4 tb tuberculosis
3.5 partners affordable health -frugal , last mile– bottom of pyramid collabs
3.6 reunite epidemiologists + tropical disease + community health leaders- james grant school of public health
3.1 doordash non-prescription medicines
3.2 maternal skill oral rehydration
3.3 continent-scale vaccination

village food production
2.4 brac poultry -first of 14 nation leading enterprises
2.5 brac dairy second of 14 nation lead enterprises>
2.1 village rice production
2.2 village veggie production
2.3 village crafts and rural to earn income from city ...
4.4 brac university
4.6 james grant school of public health
4.1 adult livelihood education
4.2 primary education
4.3 secondarry girls clubs libraries
5.3 bracnet
5.1 100000 person metavillage
5.2 billion women collab.

1 finance to end poverty
1.1 transformation aid model- microfranchiing plus best ever grants solutions
1.2 brac microfinance plus

Friday, August 20, 2021

Each of abed's 5 decades supporting billion poorest village women end poverty is extraordinary but decade 4 2002-2012 is super-extraordinary.

what had 65 year-old abed learnt? and what risk-of-extinction challenges were billion poorest women and all 7.5 billion people facing as the most critical quarter of century of von neumann tech reached every gps-coded device?

40 years earlier: abed had learnt from his days as a shell ceo that only a good business model can change the world; 


you need positive cashflow to scale, and to prevent uniquely sustainable purpose (evidence from 20th century on this is at economist intel book brand chartering by chris and norman macrae, 1996) being taken over either by an image-led corporation directly or business lobby politicians; 

abed wanted a different global model from dominating the world, the way now sun by about 70 of the biggest hundred economies in the world are now corporate 

he had always seen sustainability as about integrating every village/community into the way nature evolves the world

digital leaps from 2002 : through his bracnet partnerships now about 6 years experience of seeing how tech partners might bring mobile and solar connectivity to village mothers who had never before been connected by electricity or telephones let alone smart devices and he was one year into birthing what could 4.4 university do as partnership platform to sdg1 to 17 -

as an engineer abed also possessed treasure maps- deep data village architecture of every market brac and a billion women had composed round human developments most urgent challenges to the very poorest

additionally,  he was being challenged from silicon valley millennial goals influencers eg the likes or mrs steve jobs to take brac international (not to reserve the magic of brac to women nation builders of bangladesh - her demand was reaching other west coast influencers like bill gates foundation and george soros east coast networks which had initially funded grameens internet girls. tick tock )

so he worked on 2 ideas at same time

what nation leading enterprises did brac need to secure value chains so that village mothers and urbanising daughters could be free to market womens most urgent needs as the nation accelerated its changed from 90% to 70% rural

see bracs 14 enterprises 2.6  and additions to sdg-compass 1, namely: 1.3 ultra poverty graduation 1.4 brac sme city bank 1.5 bkash cashless banking which came about when the technologists that had given dr yunus village phones decided they wanted a more sustainable type of partnership network than yunus as the worlds greatest storyteller

abed was deeply concerned not just with which solutions of brac's partners' first three decades  matched other countries most urgent needs but could he find an international funding institution that wanted to co-brand that national change for as long and it took to empower national culture- abed knew his limitations at 65 he iud not want to spread his learning too thin; and his interpretation of paulo freire culture was it checked out which faiths  grounded servant leadership in every community - he rated himself very lucky that health markets needed by confucian and muslim ladies had so far found fransiscan values a moral and conscious translation- as indeed had the silk road marketers across eurasia 800 years earlier 

regarding brac's journey from regional to global identity since a bangladesh registered ngo cannot fundraise for international projects :abed asked himself where should brac establish its international hq -coming from royal dutch shell abed gave the netherlands first opportunity to value this which thankfully the royal family welcomed...

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