download maps 1, 2 to 36 collaborations of sustainability generation
over 50 years fazle abed helped billion asian poorest village mothers design village networking solutions so that next girls and boys born enjoyed a life of love and opportunity mapping brac is difficult becuuse it grew about 30% a year in village livelihood trainers ; it needed to do this to achieve nation building goals like raising bangladesh life expectancy from 25 below world average to average- in abeds 50 years villagers gained literally a generation brac was also selectively the most collaborative organisation so sustainability purposes of all its partners grew in ways beyond numbers what brac grew at more normal rates wete monetary accounts within its own organisation we have chosen to start by mapping the new partnering networks in abed blended through 3rd decade: 1992-2002 was the decade that bridged village solution without electricity grids or wired telephones to imagining how vilagers could choose optimal leapfrog parters now that solar and mobile phones could connect the world's most loving -brac newer webs 4.5 1.3
G3 Village Health Networks3.4 tb tuberculosis
3.5 partners affordable health -frugal , last mile– bottom of pyramid collabs
3.6 reunite epidemiologists + tropical disease + community health leaders- james grant school of public health
3.1 doordash non-prescription medicines
3.2 maternal skill oral rehydration
3.3 continent-scale vaccination

village food production
2.4 brac poultry -first of 14 nation leading enterprises
2.5 brac dairy second of 14 nation lead enterprises>
2.1 village rice production
2.2 village veggie production
2.3 village crafts and rural to earn income from city ...
4.4 brac university
4.6 james grant school of public health
4.1 adult livelihood education
4.2 primary education
4.3 secondarry girls clubs libraries
5.3 bracnet
5.1 100000 person metavillage
5.2 billion women collab.

1 finance to end poverty
1.1 transformation aid model- microfranchiing plus best ever grants solutions
1.2 brac microfinance plus

Friday, January 7, 2011

Iceland Flows - Does public broadcasting have a SB future? 0 Verified
06:08 Jan 07, 2011
The BBC as world's most resourced world service owned by the peoples is a jewel in the crown. If it wasnt censored by gov - it could be full of news on...
reykjavik, iceland

MicroGirl and Sun's rising from down under 0 Verified
05:05 Jan 06, 2011
Gdday FolkCan I introduce you to Zoe of -my newest reason for believing australia can be a leading connector of what dr yunus calls...
79 Morrissett Street, Bathurst, New South Wales, 2795, Australia

CategoriesSB Microcredits
Do you know the 3 favourite banks worldwide 1 Verified
04:56 Jan 05, 2011
Unless you wish to correct me (excellent if you can), these are the 3 world favourite banks. We offer a youthfully curious diagnosis of their value multipliers...
75 Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212, bangladesh

Categoriescollaboration hubs and sb knowhow centres other
Interconnectedness 1: Developed nations only win by helping developing nations; nordica's 18 year lesson of netgen 0 Verified
11:57 Jan 04, 2011
Nordica's contributions to increasing productivity of poorest around the world include Swedish born Ingrid Munro founded Africa's leading microcredit...
Fridtjof Nansens plass Oslo 0160 , norway

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB
Results: first 3 microsummits to save usa and world 0 Verified
10:12 Jan 04, 2011
Results is 30 years young in 2011. Its citizens have net-worked tirelessly to be the bridge of common sense (social action hubs of hi-trust wishes such...
75 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

Paris Wins ER Future Capital of 2010 0 Verified
03:56 Jan 04, 2011
Why did Paris win the Future Capital Race of 2010? Hosted 3 Entrepreneuruial Revolution summits maximising empowerment of youth webs in year (2010) including...
rue de elysee paris france

CategoriesGlobal SB Partners
Grameen Intel - Call for MicroTechSummit 0 Verified
12:54 Jan 02, 2011
Two simple ideas can help the net generation make 2010s the most exciting decade. Celebrate those organisations with world leading technologies that help...
2200 mission college blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054-1549

Categoriesother - change 8 billion dollars a year spent by poorest on dirty energy 0 Verified
08:05 Jan 02, 2011
Founder of , April Allderdice , started work on clean energy markets being pionered by Grameen
1752 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107 USA

The Green Children, and Extraordnary LA Youth nets for SB 0 Verified
05:55 Jan 02, 2011
TheGreenChildren are the number 1 social business pop group. Based in LA, this Brit & Swedish duo trained by Paul McArtney's college in Liverpool have...
GreenChildren (inexact address), los angeles ca 90102

CategoriesGlobal SB Partners
BASF Grameen -partnering worlds largest chemical co 0 Verified
04:27 Jan 02, 2011
This global social business partnership of Grameen is with the world's largest chemical company - BASF in Germany. Focus is microhealth - see also US...
BASF, Carl-Bosch-Strasse 38 , 67056 Ludwigshafen. germany

CategoriesGlobal SB Partners - future of mass media : far more sustainable for branding than the ad spot 0 Verified
15:28 Jan 01, 2011 is the most exciting big brand media I have encountered in 34 years of statistical research for and on the world's brand leaders...
France, 17, boulevard Haussmann, 75009, paris

Categoriescollaboration hubs and sb knowhow centres
The Hunger Project - one of the greatest innovations in american giving 0 Verified
13:56 Jan 01, 2011
THP - this is one of those networks which may have had far more knock on impact than it will ever be able to measure through its own services alone more...
The Hunger Project, 5 Union Square West, New York, NY 10003

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB
Summit is economics purpose to free people- annual presidents' entrepreneurship summit 0 Verified
03:05 Jan 01, 2011 here is the inaugural speech by president obama on the purpose of this 60 country summit asking...
DC, USA, Ronald Reagan World Trade Center, 1300 pennsylvania avenue, 20004

Categoriescollaboration hubs and sb knowhow centres
Hub DC 0 Verified
23:10 Dec 31, 2010
HUB DC is emerging as it connects with 6000 memebers and 30 capitals of - founded worldwide by jonathan robinson an associate of...
406 Elm St NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20001

CategoriesSB Microcredits
Microloanfoundation USA office 0 Verified
22:16 Dec 31, 2010
Microloanfoundation specialises in the social business governed system of microcredit in Africa applied to extreme rural situations. The challenge here...
North Easton, MA 02356, usa

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB
Journal of Social Business, Editorial Centre 3 Verified
22:04 Dec 30, 2010
JOSB Chief Editor, Zasheem Ahmed, Centre of Development Scotland Issue 1 sampled to search for 3000 leaders who want to partner in net generation's most...
Glasgow, Scotland, 32 university avenue

Grameen Healthcare US Partner Searches 0 Verified
21:48 Dec 30, 2010
Vidar Jorgenssen founder of Grameen America has many responsibilities connecting Yunus in USA and Americas - most particularly in healthcare -see this...
500 West Cummings Park, Suite 5400. Woburn, MA

CategoriesMicromedicine 0 Verified
21:24 Dec 30, 2010
Newly knighted in the queens honors list for 2011 Ray Avery's extraordinary story is previewed at this youtube and his extraordinary innovations for ifant...
17 matipo street, Mt Eden, auckland, 1030, new zealand

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB
The Economist : Unacknowledged Giant 0 Verified
15:32 Dec 30, 2010
PodBio of Norman Macrae 40 years of work out of The Economist Norman's Firsts as a journalist include: *1984 discovering the internet *1962 Consider...
25 st james street, london, sw1

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB Monica Yunus 0 Verified
15:10 Dec 30, 2010
One of best news of the decade for New York is the emergence of Artists Peace Corps It provides superstars the chance to endorse community-up...
New York, USA, 10012

\Categoriescollaboration hubs and sb knowhow centres
Grameen Tech Lab, Kyushu Uni, Fukuoka 0 Verified
14:58 Dec 30, 2010
Link to Grameen Tech Lab Projects Activities of Kyushu University to promote Social Business Kyushu University has signed MOU with Grameen Communications,...
6-10-1 Hakozaki Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB home of 10 times more economical community services ending poverty 0 Verified
14:11 Dec 30, 2010 was born on Yunus' 69th birthday celebrated by this BBC report Yunus spent...
Yunus Centre, Grameen Bank , dhaka, bangladesh, 1216

CategoriesMedia & Journalists of SB
Journal of Social Business, : sb funds circle and networking bureau 0 Verified
13:33 Dec 30, 2010
Breaking News Year SB Loans of Macrae Family & Yunus Journal of SB & Glasgow as one of top 5 Yunus Collaboration Capitals The-Hub support...
bethesda, md, usa , 20852

Categoriescollaboration hubs and sb knowhow centres
Johannesburg 0 Verified
21:46 Dec 29, 2010
The Joburg hub offers the world's investors in change and joy of economics the most exciting leadership quests around Africa. This responsibility began...
Johannesburg, South Africa, 171 President Street

CategoriesSB Microcredits
Jamii Bora 0 Verified
21:21 Dec 29, 2010
Jamii Bora - a world class microcredit social business out of kenya It is the recipient of the largest social business loan...
nairobi, kenya, Kayahwe Road, PO Box 2704, 00202

Hello Ushahidi! hello worldwide kenya 0 Verified

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